Midnight doorbell

midnight doorbell moon

We had been gone all evening to a party with friends.  It was a Friday night and we arrived home very late.  All three kids fell asleep in the car on the ride home.  As my kids wandered in the house in a sleep state, Colton plopped himself down on the couch in the living room.  Not wanting to wake him again, or try to carry him to the bedroom, I left him asleep there and went to bed.  The other kids were sound asleep in their beds.   It was about 12:30 am when I crawled into bed to finally relax and go to sleep.

I was just slipping into a deep sleep, when something woke me.  Was that the doorbell?  I thought I was dreaming.  I rolled over to go back to sleep. Ding.  There it was again.  I sat up and listened. I guess I better go check things out.  These are the times when I really miss having a husband to wake up!  But since I am the queen of the house, I must be the brave one.  I quietly sneak down the hall, and into the living room.  I peak outside onto the deck where the doorbell is, and see nothing.  I can see the glow of Uncle Bobby’s tv in his cottage.  He sleeps with the tv on, so I’m pretty sure he’s asleep.

I go back to bed, thinking maybe there is a short in the doorbell, and that’s why it keeps ringing.   I nestle back in, and try to relax.  Ding.  I sit up and listen.  Now, you would think that if someone was out there, they would ring the bell a few more times in a row! I look at the clock, it’s 1:15am.  I get up again and sneak out to peak onto the deck again.  Darkness. I go to bed again, a little freaked out this time.  I sit there, not going to attempt to relax.  Ding ding ding!  Ok, that was on purpose! That was no short!  Still, I don’t want to open the door when I can’t see who’s out there!

I tiptoe out to the living room again, and listen.  I hear whimpering, a soft cry.  I focus on the couch, and realize, Colton is missing!  I run to the door and pull it open. Colton is standing there, tears streaming down his face.  I grab him, and hug him.  I take him back to the couch and he lays down.  I realize he’s still half asleep.  I tried to ask him what happened, but he has drifted off into dream land once again.

I go back to my room.  I feel horrible!  What a horrible mother!  Why didn’t I open the door the first time I heard the bell?  Why didn’t I notice that Colton was not asleep on the couch?  I feel the stress of being the only adult in the house, responsible for my children.  I try to relax and go to sleep, but then I think about Willy, and I cry.  I cry myself to sleep, like so many nights in the past 2 years.

The next morning, I ask Colton how he ended up on the deck.  He said he woke up, and he was out there sitting on the floor next to the door.  After a little thinking, he remembers that he had to use the bathroom.  He must have walked outside thinking he was walking to the bathroom.  He remembers peeing off the side of the deck, then trying to go back into the house when he finds the door is locked.  He tried to ring the doorbell, but kept falling to sleep on the floor.

I am happy everyone is safe and sound.  Even though I felt horrible at the time, I know I did the right thing being cautious before opening the door in the dark at 1:15am.  I know Willy would say, “You get’em Babe!”


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